Recommendations for Non-Potable Water Reuse

From 2023, new minimum standards for the reuse of treated wastewater will apply in the EU. Internationally, water reuse has already been a relevant issue for some time. Therefore, even before the new EU regulation came into force, DWA has published the comprehensive “DWA Topics” issue “Non-Potable Water Reuse – Development, Technologies and International Framework Conditions for Agricultural, Urban and Industrial Uses”, covering a variety of aspects to be considered within the scope of non-potable water reuse. The issue is available at the DWA Shop.


This article is a revised version of an article from 2020, which provides an overview of that DWA Topics issue.

T. Fuhrmann, S. Gramel, J. Haberkamp

Veröffentlicht in:
KA Korrespondenz Abwasser, Abfall,
International Special Edition 2022/2023,
Mai 2022, S.28-35