Wastewater disposal and stormwater management
In the area of wastewater disposal and stormwater management, EMSCHER with its
experienced staff offers a wide scope of design/planning and consultancy services for all kinds of sewerage and stormwater facilities. The offered services cover not only projects for new facilities but also measures to be carried out on existing plants.
For the protection of the environment and to ensure that future generations are not
burdened with excessive economic errors, solutions are sought in which particular
attention is paid to sustainability factors.
Selected references:
  Stormwater management of the sewer system Wilayas Annaba and El Tarf in Annnaba for 1 million inhabitants
    Customer: SEATA, Annaba (Algeria) / Gelsenwasser, Gelsenkirchen (Germany)
  Optimization and enlargement of an existing lagoon treatment plant for150,000 / 300,000 PE in Ilam (Iran)
    Customer: Takab Gostar Pars Consulting, Tehran (Iran)
  Preparation of a master plan for the city of Karaj for approx. 1 million inhabitants and an area of 26 square kilometres
    Customer: Sakhtab Consulting Engineers, Tehran (Iran)

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