Operation management, start-up and operational assistance for with wastewater facilities
Thanks to its many years of experience, EMSCHER is in the position to take over operational services for wastewater treatment plants, sewerage and pumping stations as well as to carry out related commissioning processes, plant documentations etc.
Experienced personnel support the operating personnel on the spot or from our office in Essen by telemetry.
Technical optimisation to processes can be carried out while the plant is in operation in agreement with the local operator.
Selected references:
  Supervision of the implementation and operation of a semi-centralized and highly integrated pilot supply and treatment center (resource recovery center) for housing estates of the "World Horticulture Exhibition 2014" in China

Customer: German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)
within the joint R&D project “SEMIZENTRAL”

  Inspection and evaluation inclucing recommendations for solutions of damages, defects
and defaults of the Fujairah WWTP (100,000 PE)
    Customer: Tanqia TZC., Fujairah (UAE)
  Start-up and operational management of a sludge treatment plant in Shijiazhuang for 2,500,000 PE (China)
    Customer: Passavant Roediger, Hanau (Germany)
  Operational management of the sewer system in the Wilayas Annaba and El Tarf for
1,0 million inhabitants
    Customer: SEATA, Annaba (Algeria) / Gelsenwasser, Gelsenkirchen (Germany)


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