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About us

Emscher Wassertechnik GmbH (short form: EMSCHER) with headquarters in Essen/Germany is a modern engineering consultant and service provider with focus on topics related to water and soil.

Emscher Wassertechnik GmbH is a subsidiary of Emschergenossenschaft, one of the largest water management associations in Germany. Our company offers excellent engineering expertise, a wide choice of services and interdisciplinary working methods as well as many years of experience in the national and international market.

We undertake a wide range of consulting, planning, design and operational services especially in the fields of soil, ground-, rain- and wastewater, as well as for watercourses, landscape planning and hydro-engineering projects. Additionally, we provide consulting for organisational and economic issues in the water management sector.

EMSCHER also develops customised training programmes for staff of wastewater facilities, which are conducted on your sites or in Germany.

Based a well-qualified team with a wide range of different educational and vocational backgrounds - engineers, geologists, operation managers, economists, scientists, technicians, draughtsmen, to list a few of them - EMSCHER is well prepared to provide solutions both for single specific aspects as well as for highly complex assignments.

International activities bundled in our subsidiary EWEC Water GmbH

Since 2015 EMSCHER’s international projects have been transferred into the EWEC Water GmbH, a subsidiary of Emscher Wassertechnik GmbH and Weber Ingenieure GmbH.

EWEC focusses on international engineering consulting in the fields of water supply and sanitation, hydrology and hydrogeology as well as operation and management (O&M) of related facilities.

The company’s services include the elaboration of studies, designs, tender documents and plant documentations, as well as technical controlling, value engineering, O&M assistance and training of staff for water and wastewater facilities.

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