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Emschergenossenschaft with headquarters in Essen is located in the Ruhr area, the largest industrial and metropolitan area in Europe. Together with the associated Lippeverband it is Germany's biggest water management association and operator of wastewater treatment plants in Germany. With about 1600 employees Emschergenossenschaft and Lippeverband operates nearly 60 wastewater treatment plants with capacities from 500 to 2.4 million population equivalents.

Emschergenossenschaft was founded on 14th December 1899 – and thereby it became the first German water management association. The wide range of tasks of the association include wastewater treatment, care and maintenance of waterways, near-natural restructuring of open sewers, flood protection, regulation of water drainage as well as management of groundwater and storm water.

Since 1992 Emschergenossenschaft has implemented the conversion of the river Emscher and its tributaries from open sewage channels to watercourses of a near-to-nature status. The conversion includes the construction of a new sewer along a length of 51 km of the river Emscher as well as the ecological improvement of more than 300 km of watercourses. The Emscher conversion is one of the largest infrastructure projects in Europe, lasting over a period of about three decades. Until 2021 the river Emscher shall be completely free of sewage disposals.

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